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July 12, 2008
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Kitty’Bee Drabbles
Theme Eight: Spring Time

Warnings: crackiness, slash

Pairings: mentioned ProwlxBumblebee, OptimusxBumblebee if you squint, RatchetxWreckGar

Bumblebee knew he wasn’t going to run into Prowl as he walked to the medbay. The motorcycle was on patrol, allowing him to try to figure out what exactly happened a few hours earlier.

He shivered slightly at the memory. He half wished he’d stayed…

No, no, Bumblebee reminded himself. He wasn’t ready for something like that; no matter how much he liked it.

The small ‘bot sprinted the rest of the way, wanting to get the uncomfortable conversation over with. He wanted to know what was going with his body, and he knew only Ratchet could tell him.

“Ratchet!” Bumblebee banged the door as he shouted. “Ratchet!” His face fell as he heard a loud yelp that did not sound like Ratchet.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” The medic stomped up to the door, only opening it enough to show his face. “What do you want, Bumblebee? I have a patient.”

Bumblebee was not sure if he wanted to laugh or vomit. “I think I’m gonna be sick! You go back to ‘facing with Wreck Gar.” He quickly left behind the sputtering medic, not wanting to be around when Ratchet came to his senses. Or if Wreck Gar “calmed him down”. Either way he didn’t want to be there.

The yellow mech found himself in the rec room, occupied only by Optimus. The leader greeted him before returning his attention to the TV. Bumblebee decided that if Optimus was here…

“Uh, Boss ‘Bot?” he asked, feeling really awkward. “W-would you rub my ears?” His face heated in embarrassment, not believing that he’d asked it. To his surprise, Optimus didn’t mind at all, offering the seat next to him.

Bumblebee curled up loosely in the offered spot.  The lovely feeling of his ears being scratched comforted him greatly, helping him forget the weird dreams and weird body reactions that came with Spring.

He nuzzled Optimus’s side as he slipped into recharge, completely oblivious to the odd reaction it received.
One day I'm going to write about his dream.

Theme Seven: Hunt
Theme Nine: Claws
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Naaaw Cute :D
you still haven't written it yet... or did you just not put it up it so good it can not wait
I tried to write it and it didn't turn out well. I'm going to try a different approach.
This is so cute!^______^
You're welcome. ^_________^
can you put Theme Nine: Claws on?
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